Official Governing Documents

Current Documents

The following three links will bring up our most current documents, as amended.

Index — To help us find things in the above documents, a community member has developed an index by subject. Disclaimer: it may not be complete or guaranteed accurate, but it’s extremely helpful, and if you have any corrections or additions, please email

The above pages were generated by taking the original Declarations, Articles, and Bylaws document (OR 2676.268) and applying the changes as specified by each subsequent amendment. These resulting 3 documents show the most current wording of our Declarations, Articles, and Bylaws as they apply today.

Disclaimer: these documents were assembled from the images of our legally binding documents and amendments, with great care to ensure accuracy. However, please note these are not legally binding documents in and of themselves. For absolute certainty, refer to the images of the courthouse-filed documents listed below.

Official Document and Amendment Images

The Brevard County Clerk’s office has scanned and stored all their official records here.

A search of the online index at the Clerk’s website above revealed 12 documents and amendments listed below. These are images of the actual documents filed at the courthouse and were copied directly from the County Clerk’s website.

Date Type OR Book/Page
2/25/1986 Declarations, Articles, and Bylaws
(47 pages)
11/4/1987 Amendment to Declarations 2856.474
2/09/1988 Amendment to Declarations 2881.262
6/25/1993 Amendment to Bylaws 3304.1844
6/25/1993 Amendment to Declarations 3304.1849
5/2/1996 Amendments to Declarations, Articles, and Bylaws 3570.3689
6/28/2000 Amendment to Bylaws 4249.3406
8/16/2004 Amendment to Declarations 5391.193
10/26/2004 Amendment to Bylaws 5423.7120
10/26/2004 Amendment to Bylaws 5447.6662
10/29/2009 Amendment to Declarations 6053.767
11/10/2010 Amendment to Bylaws 6277.2190
8/7/2017 Amendment to Declarations 7964.23
12/22/2017 Amendment to Bylaws 8056.275
2/23/2018 Revised Amendment to Declarations Correcting Scrivener’s Error 8098.2803