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These are the 2007 Wind Mitigation reports for each of the Parkside Place buildings.

Several residents have requested them, so that they could send them to their insurance agent. This information could lower the insurance premium on your unit's [interior] coverage, so if you haven't done so already, contact your insurance agent and see if you can save some money!

The original report combined all the buildings into one single (very large!) file, so I've broken it down into one 4-page report for each building. Just click on your building number to retrieve the report for your building.

Building 100 Building 200 Building 300-A
Building 300-B
Building 400 Building 500 Building 600
Building 700 Building 800 Building 900
Building 1000 Building 1100 Building 1200
Building 1300 Building 1400 Building 1500
Building 1600 Building 1700 Building 1800
Building 1900 Building 2000 Building 2100
Building 2200 Building 2300 Building 2400

The Wind Mitigation report was originally obtained by the Association as part of last year's insurance renewal effort. The inspection was conducted by Jarvis Emergency Services (772-778-1935, in Vero Beach, Fl.) and was recently faxed to us by our former insurance agency (Statewide Insurance, also of Vero Beach).

Some insurance companies might prefer the mitigation information on their own forms, so if for some reason these forms are not accepted by your own insurance agent, you might try contacting Jarvis directly at the number above and ask for a personalized copy for your unit or building. They'll likely charge a fee for this service, but you may save much more in premiums as a result.

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